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Hengye Molecular Sieve Co., Ltd.
Add:No.12 Guangda Road, Qingcun Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai 201414, China
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Professional Staff:Doctors and masters majoring molecular sieves and micro-porous materials in Chinese famous universities are the core of the R&D team, which accounts over 20% of the management team. R&D department was praised as the Enterprise Technical Center in Fengxian District.

Since 20 years ago, Shanghai Hengye has been adhering to the enterprising spirit of “Dedication & Innovation” and continuously developing new products and improving existing products on the basis of technology, which is the foundation of Hengye’s long-term development.

Investment:Investment: Since 2005, 40 millions Yuan has been invested in new product R&D and advanced equipment introduction. Technical progress enhances technological content of products and R&D capacity of the group continuously.

Achievement:Achievement: Hengye obtained 2 national patents, 1 Shanghai new & key product and 12 proprietary technologies. Many world-class products has been completed and launched into market.