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Natural Gas

Category Description :

Natural gas has generally contain saturation water, hydrogen sulfide, organic sulfur (thiols), carbon dioxide and other impurities. In order to meet the need of natural gas gathering, liquefaction and cryogenic separation process, the impurity removal as far as possible is necessary so that the natural gas can reach the product gas use requirements.

The presence of moisture will notably make the NG dew point rise, so that ice is inevitably formed in the process of gas liquefied, pipeline transportation, or cryogenic separation; it may also forms hydrocarbon hydrates precipitate to block devices and pipes; it is more easily react with H2S, CO2, etc. in natural gas to corrode devices and pipes. Using molecular sieve in the depth dehydration of natural gas is the most widely used process.

H2S, CO2, etc. can react with water in the natural gas, which will cause pipeline and equipment corrosion; natural gas containing over-quantity H2S, CO2, etc. should be purified by molecular sieve before being utilized. HYZ05C special molecular sieve has been widely used in removing H2S, CO2 and other impurities in the natural gas.

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