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Insulating Glass

Category Description :

Invented in 1865, insulating glass which has a good value in insulating heat and sound, aesthetic and practical terms, and may reducing the weight of building. High-performance insulation glass is composed of two (or three) pieces of glass, which are bonded with aluminum frame containing desiccants.

Dual-Seals Aluminum Spacer
Aluminum Spacers effectively support and symmetrically separate two pieces of glass, in the middle of glass filled with molecular sieve (beads). The glass layers forms a sealed space full of dry gas. 
Composite Sealing Rubber Strip
Sealing rubber strip contains molecular sieve (powder) desiccant drying function, butyl sealants sealing function and polysulphide sealants structural strength together. It can be bent into any shape and easy to installed in the insulating glass. 

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