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HYZ04E Powder

Category Description :

Activated powder HYZ04E is a synthetic zeolite of A-type crystal structure in sodium form with a pore opening of 4 angstroms (0.4 nm).

  In polyurethane formulations, any water may react with the isocyanate, which forms carbon dioxide gas and then leads to the formation of bubbles in the final compound. Activated powder HYZ04E can solve this problem. Applied in additive or aggregate of paint, coatings, resins and adhesives; Activated powder HYZ04E has functions of removing moisture, eliminating bubbles, improving materials’ stability, uniformity and strength, which can extend the life of your products.

Standard Packaging:
20 Kg/Kraft Paper Bag

  ·The product as desiccant cannot be exposed in the open air and should be stored in dry condition with air-proof package.

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