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Automobile air dryer filled with special molecular sieve desiccant uses of exhaust action process of unloading pressure regulator, and makes the dry air through the desiccant, taking away the water adsorbed by molecular sieve into the atmosphere. Molecular sieve regenerated in this way can absorb moisture in compressed air effectively and chronically.

Air Conditioning System
In the air-conditioning system, the role of desiccant is to remove the water in the system, to prevent the ice blocking in system pipes and ensure the system in working order. The molecular sieve desiccant should be replaced in time when it became ineffective due to excessive absorption of water.
Air Break System
Any water in gas circuit system will corrode the piping and affect the braking effect. To be worse off, it may lead to the failure of the braking system in serious cases. Therefore, it is important to drain seeper in the system and replace molecular sieve dryer periodically. Molecular sieve dryers must be replaced promptly if any problem is revealed.

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