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Paint & Coatings

Category Description :

Polyurethane (paint, glue, sealants)
No mater single component or two-component polyurethane products, water will react with the isocyanate to form amine and carbon dioxide; amines then further react with isocyanate, releasing a lot of carbon dioxide and bubbles formed on the paint film surface, which results in film performance deteriorate and even failure. Adding molecular sieve (powder) to the plasticizer or dispersant can solve the problem. According to the different polyurethane systems, quantity of 5%-8% is sufficient to remove residual water.
Anti-corrosive Coating
In the epoxy zinc-rich primer, a trace of water will react violently with zinc to produce hydrogen, increasing the pressure inside barrels and shortening the lifespan of primer, which then results in the paint films' dense, abrasion resistance and hardness greatly reduced. As a purely physical absorbent desiccant, molecular sieve (powder) is safe and convenient while in use in the aspects of removal of water but meanwhile no reaction with the binder.
Metal Powder Coating
There also exist similar reactions in the metal powder coating, such as in aluminum paint.

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