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PSA Unit
There are various industrial hydrogenous gases. Hydrogen separation and purification is one of the first areas of PSA technology industrialization. At present, China has more than 200 sets of PSA hydrogen purification device in use.

For example, the recycle of hydrogen from ammonia purge gas is an energy-saving measure which is widely used in ammonia plant. In addition, steel plant is also rich in hydrogen source (such as coke oven gas). Besides, the oil processing will bring large amounts of hydrogenous gases (such as hydro-cracking exhaust, catalytic reforming byproduct gas, refining residue back to the FCC dry gas, etc.). All of these off-gas can be recycled by PSA technology with special molecular sieve. 

CO separation and purification is similar to H2 separation and purification . PSA technology with special molecular sieve is one of the important ways to refine CO from a variety of off-gas containing CO. The gas sources applied in the PSA method include water gas, semi-water gas, synthesis gas, regenerated gas washed with copper liquor, converter waste gas, blast furnace gas, Texaco water gas and so on.  

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