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Zeolite Catalyst

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Zeolite Catalyst


Name: Zeolite Catalyst; Molecular Sieve Catalyst. 


Also known as molecular sieve catalyst. Natural zeolite as the race of sialic acid salt content, water containing alkali metal and alkaline earth metal, frame structure, including the cavity connected. For large metal cation and water molecules, is three-dimensional tetrahedron frame. Called synthetic zeolite molecular sieve. Silicon ring (or aluminum) - oxygen can form different cage structure, formed from different species and number of cage can be different kinds of molecular sieves. Molecular sieve is A kind of silicon aluminate hydrate crystals, its chemical composition is given as (M is A metal ion, the valence of n is M, M, p is the molar volume of SiO2 and H2O), respectively, for molecules in the Si/Al ratio is different, can have A, X, Y and mercerizing type zeolite molecular sieve. Molecular sieve with acid-base center, can be used in the acid and alkali catalytic reaction, this is the zeolite molecular sieve (or) catalyst. One of the most famous and ZSM - 5 zeolite catalyst. Widely used in catalytic cracking process such as oil and gas, liquid, dry and dehydration of separation and recovery of industrial process.