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Air Separation

Category Description :

Air separation can produce a series of high purity gaseous or liquid products, including oxygen, nitrogen and rare gases, with the separation methods including cryogenic distillation and PSA, VPSA etc.

Air Pre-Purification System
In traditional cryogenic air separation, the moisture and CO2 in feed air will freeze in low temperatures, which then block equipment and piping; hydrocarbons (especially acetylene) gather in the air separation plant easily, which may also cause an explosion under certain conditions. Therefore, before feed gas into the cryogenic separation process, these impurities (H2 O, CO2 , C2 H2 etc.) needed to be removed by pre-purification units which filled with the molecular sieve.

PSA Separation
   Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) for separating oxygen/nitrogen process, widely used in the medium and small-scale air separation plants, have tended to replace the traditional cryogenic air separation because of its low investment, low energy consumption and easy operation. Oxygen/nitrogen separated and then oxygen or oxygen-enriched air is got, in the theory of that molecular sieve for oxygen generation adsorbs nitrogen and oxygen at different rates in a certain pressure condition, etc.

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