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Molecular Sieve

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Molecular sieve (as known as synthetic zeolite) is a micro-porous aluminosilicate crystals. It is made of silicon-oxy tetrahedron, alumina tetrahedron to form a basic skeleton structure, in which exist metal cations (e.g. Na+, K+, Ca2+, etc.) to balance the excess negative charge in the crystal. According to the type of crystal structure, zeolite consists of: A-type (LTA), X-type (FAU), Y-type and so on.

The chemical formula of zeolite unit cell: Mx/n [ (AlO2)x (SiO2)y ]-w H2O

Mx/n :
  Metal cations, to maintain charge balance in crystal
(AlO2)x(SiO2)y :
  Skeleton of zeolite, with different shapes hole and pore
w H2O :
  Chemical and physical adsorption of water, physical adsorption of water
    can desorption under certain conditions

  Adsorption: The adsorption capacity of molecular sieve comes from the physical adsorption (van der Waals force). The crystal has a strong polarity and Coulomb field, which show a strong adsorption capacity for polar molecules (water) and unsaturated molecules.
  Sieving: The pore size of molecular sieve distribution is very consistent. Only when molecular diameter is less than the pore size of molecular sieve, the molecule is possible adsorbed into the crystal cave.
  Distinguishing molecules of different substances by the priority of adsorption and the sizes, it is vividly called "molecular sieve".